Monday, October 13, 2008

My right hand is gone...

Okay, well maybe not my "hand", but my digital camera has passed on. {{{sigh and sad pouty face}}} I almost always kept my camera on me. You have to when you have a four year old, six kids and three grandchildren. You never know when the moment for a great picture is going to happen and I've been caught too many times without my camera. I've missed some moments when I could have captured some really neat memories.

That means that unless I get a new camera for an anniversary gift (yeah, right, the past 10 years have gone by with our anniversary always being forgotten) I am going to miss out on getting pictures during the upcoming holidays. I feel almost nekid leaving the house without my trusty lil' camera.

Nikon has this really awesome looking camera out now. No, not one of those little itty bitty ditties. I want a camera that feels like a REAL camera. I kind of miss my old 35mm, I loved being able to set all the "bits" myself. I want a camera with a super fast shutter speed. There was such a lag on my digital camera and a few really cute pictures got lost during that couple seconds lag time. I'd like to be able to push the button and have the camera click off 2 or 3 rapid shots. But it has to be digital. I LOVE being able to upload right to my computer and emailing pictures right after I take them.

Yep...those are a few of my wishes for my new camera. Just in case anyone wants to let the ol' man know. LOL

Well, maybe I'll take some time to play around with some old photos. I love photo shopping!
Have a good one,
Jill Marie

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Martha said...

Hope you'll get a new camera soon - my little digital just recently died too. I finally got a "real" camera - now if only I had time to figure out how to use it! I miss my old 35mm too!