Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Community Photo Challenge-Still Life

Still Life, originally uploaded by mariebm56.

Here is my entry for the community photo challenge. I took this picture outside our home this past evening.


Thanks for stopping by.
Jill Marie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taking David to the Detroit Airport

On Tuesday Jill (David's fiance'), Rylie and I took David up to Detroit so he could fly back to camp. He'll graduate from AIT in March. That's when we'll get to see him again. I miss that lil' boy already. As soon as I get done here I'm going to start a letter to him.
So here are some of the pictures I took on Tuesday.

David FtBenning

I've been playing with Paint Shop and taking some pictures. Ray got me a a few backdrops and a background stand, some background CD's and a very nice tri-pod for Christmas. I'm still working it all out and trying to get it right. The Chromakey background is fun to work with, but I can't wait till I learn to do it right...meaning that Rylie doesn't get so much green reflected onto her blonde hair. lol

Have a good night!
Jill Marie