Saturday, March 1, 2008

My photographs...

Well, I'm certainly not a professional. I got my first 35mm camera shortly after my first child was born 22 years ago. I took a class at the University and have loved taking pictures ever since.

I especially love black and white photographs. I used to carry around 2 cameras, one with color film and one with black and white film. Sometimes I can't stand my digital camera with it's delay...but I love being able to load the photos right onto my computer and editing them myself.

I've scanned a lot of my old photographs so I can use them in projects, edit them and then transfer them to cd's for storage. Sometimes this computer stuff is just way too cool. LOL

Here are a few of my pictures from back in the day.

The first picture was taken about 19 years ago with my 35mm Minolta and color film. I took the picture. The two were taken with my camera by my son David, who was probably all of about 9 years old. Of course I just couldn't resist playing with them in my Paint shop program.

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tpiez4me said...

I loved my 35mm Canon way back when!  1983 Christmas gift from my Dad.  Had it till Tara was just one.  Bought a Kodak Easy Share - not much on optical zoom, so now Miss T uses it.  Now the Panasonic and working with Adobe Photoshop.