Thursday, August 14, 2008

A few recent photo's

Here are a few recent photo's that I just got done "framing". The first one is the sunset Rylie and I saw after we left the Wood County Fair.

This next one I took as Rylie and I were leaving a store the other day. She walked out and leaned against a brick wall as I dug for my keys. I grabbed my camera and she flipped up her shades and popped on the model smile. LOL And yes, she put a bunch of her little lip gloss on. Everytime she see's me put on some lipstick she thinks she has to pile on her clear lip gloss. It is too funny.

This one I took just yesterday. It is Rylie, Aubreigh or as we call her Aubber Gaubers (Ry's niece and our grand-daughter) and myself. When I took the picture I forgot that I hadn't put any make-up on and had been cleaning. Well, there ya happy home make look, lol.

Yep, Rylie has another stye in her eye. Grrrr. Poor kid, I don't know why she keeps getting the dern things.

Have a good one!
Jill Marie

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tpiez4me said...

Stunning....the sunset and the girls!